Frequently Asked Questions

 Q: I like your flowers but sometimes I want tulips, roses and beautiful scented lilies. Should your flowers should replace fresh cut?

A: No. The $10B US floral industry is growing at 3-4% per year. It is not a dying trade by any means and most flower shops report healthy sales and growth.
Fresh cut flowers are a celebration of the seasons, sunflowers in Fall, tulips and daffodils in Spring. Some brides prefer specific flowers for their bouquets that aren't long lasting and for one-day events, fresh cut flowers are well suited. However, many also like centerpieces that are long-lasting for people to take home and enjoy after the event. That's why we offer a full range of options for events and occasions. We also offer a full range of corporate services.
Real Flowers Every Day is a growing niche segment in the larger floral business and gives people more options for real flowers in everyday life in their homes and workplaces.
Q: Why did you enter this field?
A: Prior to this, I used data analytics to find innovation opportunities with leading consumer packaged goods companies. After looking at more than 80 categories I learned some powerful truths about human nature and how we handle stress. We eat more unhealthy foods, drink more alcohol, and socialize less when under duress. This was clear during the pandemic when consumption of snack foods grew 14% and alcohol gained 23% from 2019-2021. Of course we know consuming things often make us feel better right away, in excess, it's not good for our health.
Social ties improve our health, but since 2020, we texted more, but lost friends. The government has identified loneliness as an epidemic in our country and is taking steps to stem it.
Flowers are a beautiful way to improve our mood in a healthy and social way, with 66% of us feeling better "instantly" after receiving flowers. Without calories or regrets.
What's more, flowers are social in nature. When asking about one's day, people will readily mention "I got flowers". They'll display them in their home and office where people will ask and comment about them. Flowers invite conversation among strangers and provide a safe topic to engage in. 
In looking at the barriers to indulging in flowers more often, the #1 reason is "they die too quickly" followed by "they are too expensive"
By reducing or eliminating these barriers, we aim to enrich people's lives.

Q: What areas do you offer local delivery?

A: We offer same day delivery - usually within 4 hours for the following zip codes 

For areas outside these zip codes, we offer free shipping for orders over $50. In the SF Bay Area, UPS shipping is typically 1-2 days. On the East Coast, shipping can be up to five days. You will always be given a shipping confirmation after your order is placed with a tracking number so you'll know when it will be received. Some items, such as our Orchid Gardens and potted plants are not available for shipping.