Gift message ideas

Sometimes it's hard to find the right words to say how you feel. Most of our flowers go out as gifts and each arrangement comes with a complimentary enclosure card for a personal message. If you're looking a way to express your sentiments, here are some ideas for various occasions.


You'll want to avoid saying "I know how you feel" as one can never really understand another person's situation. Also, as common and natural as it sounds - saying "I'm sorry" makes it about you - not the person who is grieving or their loved one. Here are some alternatives:


1) What an amazing person and remarkable life. I feel so lucky that ___ was part of our family.

2) There are no words for the legacy ___ has left on our family. His/her shining personality will live on in our hearts.


1) My heart goes out to you for the loss of your dear ___. I hope the happy memories you created together help you through this difficult time.

2) Thinking of you and wishing you moments of peace and comfort as you remember someone who was so close to you.

3) Thinking of you as you celebrate ___’s beautiful life. He/she will live on in your heart.


1) Please accept my deepest condolences to you over the loss of ___. I offer my heartfelt support and friendship in this difficult time.

2) Keeping you in my warmest thoughts as you navigate this difficult time — and wishing you hope and healing when you’re ready.

3) Sending love, thoughts, and prayers to you and your family during this tough time.


Crimson red dried flower arrangement in wood flower bowl - Real Flowers Every Day

To loved one:

1) My love for you is everlasting.

2) Thank you for being my husband/wife, my partner, and my best friend.

3) I am so lucky to have a man/woman like you in my life.

4) Let's reminisce about all our favorite memories together.

In difficult times:

5) The journey to be with you wasn't easy, but I can't imagine life without you. Here's to another year of growing closer through all of life's moments.

To couple:

1) You're such a beautiful couple who complement each other in enviable ways. Wishing you a lifetime of happiness together.

2) Wishing you a happy anniversary filled with love and laughter. May your bond grow stronger with each passing year.

Get Well

Olive Branch

1) Wishing you a speedy recovery.

2) You're in my thoughts.

3) You've got this!

4) I hope that you feel better with each passing day.

5) You mean the world to me.

6) We miss your positive energy and presence at the office.

7) Thinking of you as you focus on feeling better.


1. Bravo! We knew you could do it!

2. Huge congratulations!

3. You deserve all this success and more!

4. You are our shining star. Well done!

5. Here’s to you on your special day!

6. Congrats on achieving such a significant milestone!

7. Heartiest congratulations! You did it!




Sometimes we want to say "I'm sorry" but aren't sure and think it may sound insincere. Here are some other ways to express your feelings.

1) Thank you for letting me know I hurt you - I never want that to happen again.

2) What I said/did was not considerate. I really wish I could go back in time.

3) I care about you so much, it's unbearable knowing I hurt you.

4) I feel bad about what happened and wish I could erase it.

5) If there’s a way we can move forward from what happened, I'll do everything I can to ensure it never happens again.