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Why Long-Lasting Flowers?

Flowers make every room look more inviting. They also deflect attention away from flaws in a room: we are less likely to fixate on an 80's style countertop when a stunning arrangement catches our eye. 

On special occasions, I had fresh flowers in nearly every room. But this became impractical every day. Selecting flowers, trimming stems, arranging bouquets, changing out water, removing dead stems. Not to mention expensive.

But somehow every room deserves a bit of "life" in it. Be it a small aquarium, a flickering candle, or music playing. And of course, plants and flowers.

Looking for alternatives, I tested the longevity of different flowers. Tulips are gorgeous but fall over and die in a week. Roses were hit or miss. Growing flowers in the backyard made sourcing easier but it takes time for plants to get established. And not all varieties are easy to grow.

Orchids, with an exotic beauty which lasts for months became a favorite. 

I also looked at dried and preserved flowers and handpicked the most beautiful blooms. Creating a collection of long-lasting flowers that are:

  • Eco Conscious/sustainable
  • Highest quality and on trend
  • Low-no allergen
  • Easy to use/Vase included
  • Practical and Affordable

Current options for long-lasting flowers

The most obvious substitute for fresh cut flowers is artificial but these have their own drawbacks. Primarily made from plastic, they end up in landfills and even quality blooms are easily identified as “fake” flowers.

What's more, some traditional dried flower arrangements look stiff and dated. Dominated by brown tones, they lack the vibrancy and movement of fresh flowers. 







Preserved flowers tend to be limited to one variety, roses, and because they have no stems, can't be arranged like fresh flowers, so they too have limitations.

Real Flowers Every Day Long lasting flowers

Our dried arrangements and orchid gardens offer the vibrancy and color of fresh cut flowers with little care. So, you can enjoy more flowers, more often. In all of your indoor spaces.

Our flowers are:

  • Sustainable: Fresh cut flowers are often sourced from overseas and ship overnight. Travelling long distances in refrigerated conditions, fresh cut blooms contribute to emissions each year. Dried flowers are 100% natural products and leave no carbon footprint. Our orchid plants are grown in a California nursery and can bloom again with proper care.
  • Eco Conscious: The pandemic highlighted the fragility of the floral industry as consumers become more aware of waste. The industry endured chaos as shipments languished and died in ports, events were canceled, and brides became frantic. A vulnerable supply system and unprecedented demand helped dried/preserved artificial flowers gain market share and trial with younger buyers in recent years. 
  • On trend: As dried and preserved flowers became more mainstream, tastes mature, and consumers want and appreciate more sophisticated designs. I visit the San Francisco Flower Mart to view the latest floral trends and incorporate those designs into our collections.
  • The highest quality: I carefully select each plant and inspect it. Only the highest quality plants and flowers are in our collection, because we know you’ll have the arrangement for weeks or months, not days.
  • Our dried and preserved flowers can be enjoyed by everyone as they are low-no allergen and pollen-free.
  • Ease of use. With no water or light requirements, dried plants can be anywhere indoors, even dark basements or hard to reach locations and require little care. They do not tolerate intense sun or heat. Orchids require very little water and last for months. 
  • Vase Included: We believe the vase is the defining part of the arrangement. It is selected with care to properly display each type of flower, in fact, some flowers have as many as four options for a vase, which can completely change the mood of the arrangement.
  • Engaging: While drying flowers is an ancient art, many dried bouquets lack the vibrancy and color of fresh flowers. Relying on the principles of Ikebana flower arrangement, I create designs that showcase the beauty of individual flowers rather than mass. I also incorporate fresh flowers that dry well, lavender and eucalyptus to add luminosity where appropriate. 
  • Practical: Along with thrift, dried/preserved flowers appeal to younger generations who recycle and shop in resale stores. Each blossom was grown in soil and meticulously preserved, to live it's "second life" if you will and be enjoyed in your home or office. 
  • Often tinted or dyed, dried and preserved flowers come in an unlimited range of colors and can be customized for your interior. 


Artificial flowers

The most obvious substitute for fresh flowers are artificial but these have their own drawbacks. Primarily made from plastic, they end up in landfills and even quality blooms are easily identified as “fake” flowers. 

Traditional dried flowers

Traditional dried flower arrangements often look stiff and dated. They are dominated by brown tones and lack the vibrancy of fresh flowers

Traditional preserved flowers

Preserved flowers tend to be limited to one variety, roses, and because they have no stems, can't be arranged like fresh flowers, so they too have drawbacks. 

Our flowers

Combine the highest quality preserved plants and flowers with dried. So the flowers retain their original texture and beauty for years to come. All perfectly arranged and ready to display the moment you receive them.